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Who am I?

When I was eight years old I began studying the piano and did it passionately all my life. At the age of 23 an injury of my left wrist disrupted my career, so I had to change my life and took up medical studies. During all that time I never stopped practising. Friends helped me through that difficult period and we performed chamber music in several formations : with voices, strings or two pianos. From 1958 to 1980 I played the piano at the Academy of free Dance with Professor Malkovsky. Now I am 64 years old and I am working in a big Nursing Home for old and very old patients. My department contains 251 beds as well as medical and non-medical personal. Our main task is the efficient treatment of physical and psychological pain, to conserve the physical and mental capacities, to maintain or, if possible, to recover the faculties of memory and to enable the patients to have a good life every day by diversions and the occupation with arts like painting or music. The care for the problems of the dying old people is a very important aspect of the work in our units. (My medical CV)

When I obtained the First Prize at the International Concours des Grands Amateurs de Piano in Paris in 1992 I became more self-confident. More and more people came to ask me if I would like giving recitals and concerts in front of a public from 50 up to 1000 persons and up. Several "Friend-Managers" helped me with the organization, like Gérard Bekerman, Eveline Dray, Firmin Verhulst, Max and Muriel Picard, Sylvia Feistel, David Lellouche, Karin von Döringk, Marc Lebot, Madeleine Pasquie, Lucienne Pauzie and others.

Why the WebSite and what I hope from it

I like and love playing the piano, so I have never been interested in earning much money with my concerts. It is essential for me to play the piano all over the world and in very different situations for a various public. I´m practicing the piano about 4-5 hours a day and playing is a form of making good use of the time I spent practicing. When I play in public I´m living the music forgetting all the technical problems. The great composers, like Beethoven, Chopin, Debussy and Magin are telling stories of an unknown world, in a foreign language, they describe and express sentiments and impressions of elsewhere, which is essential for me and perhaps an essential aspect of my life. My conditions for accepting a concert is payment, at least, for the journey, the hotel and charges by the organizer.

If a reader has consulted my WebSite and if he is interested in my program or in my performance, he will be able to contact me at

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